A collection of the journals, fiction, letters, and sketches of the late Esther Grace Earl, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 16.

Such an amazing little girl, my daughter resembles Esther so much that when my Autumn showed me Esther’s picture it brought tears to my eyes. Blessings to her family, such an amazing story.

Thank you,

if you see me grinning from
my blue Volks
running a yellow light
driving straight into the sun
I will be locked in the
arms of a
crazy life

One For The Shoeshine Man
- Charles Bukowski

For Matthew

To my friend Matthew, though you were more like a brother, and though you left this world way, way too soon, your smile was my light, your courage my strength, you taught me more than you will ever know, you made me who I am, Thank you for that, I didn’t say that enough while I had you here, I don’t know if I ever even said it at all, probably because I never imagined that I would lose you as soon as I did. Thank you for everything and know that I will always love you very much and carry a piece of you in my heart. Don’t worry, I will keep our silent promise, I will keep on living, and if the people I meet see even a glimpse of your light, then I’m doing something right. 

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”  - JK Roweling 

The sea is very dear to me by Esther Grace Earl

Every time I look at it,

It looks back at me

I love the sea, its waters are blue

And the sky is too

And the sea is very dear to me

If when I grow up and the sea is still there

Then I’ll open my eyes and smell the fresh air

Because the sea is very dear to me

The sea is very calm and that’s why I like it there

The sand is brand new and the wind blows in my hair

And the sea is very dear to me.

Taylor and Elisa,

We’ve gone through some tough times together. I know if it weren’t for the two of you, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. I might have killed myself seven years ago, even, if it wasn’t for the two of you. Life gets hard, but the two of you helped me see why I should keep going.

I feel like I owe the two of you everything. I would give you the world if I could. You already gave it to me.

I will always love you guys. Thank you for everything.



I thank God it’s not cancer, yet Marfan is a terrible thing. Please, understand that I’m here for you, no matter what. You are my little brother and I’ll look out for you. I love you.


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So today is Valentine’s Day and eventhough I don’t any special loved one I have people I really appreciate and love. Here is to all my friends and family (including my cat), here is to everyone who made a change, here is to my idols; Esther Grace Earl and Anne Frank and here is to all the writers which make you feel something.